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Greetings haters and bean lovers…

Had a rough-ish day… Stupid snow, blood test, driving lesson in the snow, and covering a closing shift in the snow and using god-damn public transport, yes in the mother fucking SNOW!!!!! The barista who phoned in sick, AGAIN has already been on maternity and sick leave for a year, she literally works 7-11pm on a Friday and THAT’S IT!!! She can’t even bloody do that!

Good news is, my driving lesson went well today, should be going in for my test soon. =) Be good, can escape for a while, when it all gets crazy. Also another two offers for Universities came in today, that’s three out of five now. =) The android tablet I ordered also came today, having said that it has two fairly annoying scratches on the screen, have sent a strongly worded e-mail.

As for work, well what a diabolical waste of my time!! Only served ten people all night, who the hell comes out in treacherous weather for a fucking coffee!! No-one obviously! Got home a 12am, house, freezing as usual (only have a shitty gas fire downstairs…) to a note on the back of the online shopping receipt commenting on the amount of food I eat, to the amount he eats from the items I have bought. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK… He went down the list and ACTUALLY CIRCLED the ones he will eat. 10 vs 40. What he fails to realise is that it’s not my fault that he eats NOTHING healthy… and I’m pretty damn sure that last week he went to the supermarket and spent £60 on meat to fill the freezer that I don’t eat. He also spends a good £25 a week, usually more on booze… bare in mind guys that he’s not working and I am, full time. As well as being at college.

Anyway, he came downstairs and said, “did you see your fucking note” … “If you’re trying to work out why you’re so fat, it’s because you spend 57 fucking quid on your fat fucking self…” The only unhealthy thing on that list was a bottle of coke and a bottle of orange juice for him… The rest is healthy, and ingredients to make healthy meals. I think what really annoys me the most is, when I’m actually trying to do the order and say to him “is there anything you want love?”, and he says “No.” WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!???? Stupid twat!

It’s not enough that £460 out of my £675 a month wages pay all the bills apart from the rent and council tax, while all his money goes on beer and himself… What a joke he is.

I’m sat writing this FREEZING cold. No heater on, to save money, as he has it on all day every day. Will have to go and get into bed with that bald headed twat now, up for work in a few hours, after I’ve boiled the kettle to get a wash, as we only have hot water when the immersion heater is on for 2 hours… Ohh he kicked off about that earlier. Guaranteed that I’ll get back from serving arseholes tomorrow, to an even bigger dick…

Speaking of which, I am so horny. He hasn’t even been bothered with that this week. Even after playing with him.