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There are certain types of customers that come in to the cafe… many are amazing, lovely and good friends of mine. However, there are ‘types’ that we dislike… a lot.

The customer who comes in on their phone … not just in, but to the till, then they point to the menu board and click, YES CLICK their fingers. This some way denotes the drink that they want… If this isn’t enough to make me angry, when I ask them if they would like anything else, they glare at me and shhhh me like I’m being rude for interupting their conversation… aaaarrrrrggggghhhh! In fucking addition to this, trying to get payment is a joke. Huffing, puffing and appologising to the person on the phone.

I’m then making their drink, again glaring at me for the noise of the steamer… and the machine. YOU CAME IN TO THE COFFEE SHOP… IDIOT.

I then get no thank you… and they leave me with empty sugar packets, and spilled coffee everywhere.

Get off the phone arsehole!