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Pissed Up

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Boyfriend
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Well as predicted I finished work yesterday at 4pm… still no word from that wonderful boyfriend of mine. Phoned his daughter who also happens to be my best friend to say I was popping up for a coffee (I know that seems funny after working with coffee all day…)

Sat having a coffee and playing with the kids when baldy knocked on the door, he’d brought one of the other grandkids up to stay with his auntie for the night. He’d also brought two bottles of wine. Although he was staggering about, obviously been drinking a fair bit. He still hadn’t told me where he’d been, although I knew.

As the night went on he got more and more wasted and angry. He dislikes one of his grandkids, and when they play fight he’s really rough and hurts him… it’s awful. He was shouting at me for protecting the kid swearing, calling me names, nothing new, I don’t even know why we have him around. No one likes him. Not at all.

When he decided that it was time for us to leave, we walked home and out of nowhere he decided to get playful and we had a snow ball fight all the way home. It was nice. Finally a bit of fun. We got in and ordered food. He cuddled me and appologised for his behaviour. Guess what, it didn’t last.

We got in to bed, he was going to sleep, but I decided to watch netflix on my tablet, headphones in. Which he kept kicking off about. Finally he went to sleep. Diagonally across the bed, dragging the quilts off me, farting, snoring and everything else he does when he’s wasted, so most of the time then. He got up in the middle of the night and pissed all over the bathroom, the bathroom where he had already splattered and spilled hair dye earlier in the day from colouring his hair whilst pissed. Of course he didn’t clean it up, and after spilling it on the floor he’s dragged it through the house. Although because he says it’s ‘HIS’ house it doesn’t matter.

I’m not working until later tonight, so had my usual lie in. Usually when I don’t have to get up early that’s when we ‘make love’ if you want to put it like a pussy… we haven’t done anything all week, and we still haven’t. Suppose that’s what porn hub is for… I made coffee, and he got up. He’s currently sat downstairs, watching some shit on tv, I went down to cuddle him earlier and got “fuck off”… I’m upstairs watching tv and not doing college work… FUN.