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Catching up…

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Coffee
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Hey Guys, 


Been a really long time I know!! A lot has happened since I was last here so lets catch up…


I finally left my wanker of a Boyfriend in April. Had been talking to someone online for about 6 weeks before, and decided that I deserved better, so I waited until he started his new job and had left for work, and packed all my stuff and left to stay with a friend. Started seeing the online guy, which didn’t work out. Lovely lad, shit in bed… Ended up getting really sick and the afore mentioned wanker was the only one who came to the hospital. So I stayed there until I got better. Finished college with top marks and got my own place. Started seeing the ex again, hoping that he’s changed, but he hasn’t really. At least now I can throw him out of MY house! 

Thought work was going well, apparently I might not be able to stay there after I start my degree because I want to cut my hours… Job hunting for me… Surgery in a few weeks…. Hoping everything comes back clear for Uni so I can confirm my place, and that’s one less thing to worry about!! 


T/B 13