So, you walk up to my till with some friends or family… and take forever deciding what you want, and look to each other for reassurance, only to decide on the same drink as each other that you were originally going to order 15 minutes ago…I smile sweetly, as the appropriate questions, which you again take forever on… What size? Well… and I show you all the sizes…” I’ll have medium, no large, actually I had a big lunch I’ll have small… ” Fuck sake! ‘Cream? ‘”Yeah, I’ll have cream… Oh better make the milk skimmed… Can you make that syrup sugar free? Can I have extra cream… Wait no cream…” *Gets to the bar* ‘Here’s your drink’… “Can I have cream actually?”

These people are usually largely overweight and have such a bad time deciding on what they want to drink and the size because they don’t want to embarrass themselves… Guess what love. Ordering a ‘super-skinny’ drink in a large with extra whipped cream and toppings, isn’t going to make you skinny… If you want a magic liquid to help you lose weight? Called water… Drink it after your 5 miles daily run… That will make you skinny love… “Next please”…


Catching up…

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Coffee
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Hey Guys, 


Been a really long time I know!! A lot has happened since I was last here so lets catch up…


I finally left my wanker of a Boyfriend in April. Had been talking to someone online for about 6 weeks before, and decided that I deserved better, so I waited until he started his new job and had left for work, and packed all my stuff and left to stay with a friend. Started seeing the online guy, which didn’t work out. Lovely lad, shit in bed… Ended up getting really sick and the afore mentioned wanker was the only one who came to the hospital. So I stayed there until I got better. Finished college with top marks and got my own place. Started seeing the ex again, hoping that he’s changed, but he hasn’t really. At least now I can throw him out of MY house! 

Thought work was going well, apparently I might not be able to stay there after I start my degree because I want to cut my hours… Job hunting for me… Surgery in a few weeks…. Hoping everything comes back clear for Uni so I can confirm my place, and that’s one less thing to worry about!! 


T/B 13

There are certain types of customers that come in to the cafe… many are amazing, lovely and good friends of mine. However, there are ‘types’ that we dislike… a lot.

The customer who comes in on their phone … not just in, but to the till, then they point to the menu board and click, YES CLICK their fingers. This some way denotes the drink that they want… If this isn’t enough to make me angry, when I ask them if they would like anything else, they glare at me and shhhh me like I’m being rude for interupting their conversation… aaaarrrrrggggghhhh! In fucking addition to this, trying to get payment is a joke. Huffing, puffing and appologising to the person on the phone.

I’m then making their drink, again glaring at me for the noise of the steamer… and the machine. YOU CAME IN TO THE COFFEE SHOP… IDIOT.

I then get no thank you… and they leave me with empty sugar packets, and spilled coffee everywhere.

Get off the phone arsehole!

Pissed Up

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Boyfriend
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Well as predicted I finished work yesterday at 4pm… still no word from that wonderful boyfriend of mine. Phoned his daughter who also happens to be my best friend to say I was popping up for a coffee (I know that seems funny after working with coffee all day…)

Sat having a coffee and playing with the kids when baldy knocked on the door, he’d brought one of the other grandkids up to stay with his auntie for the night. He’d also brought two bottles of wine. Although he was staggering about, obviously been drinking a fair bit. He still hadn’t told me where he’d been, although I knew.

As the night went on he got more and more wasted and angry. He dislikes one of his grandkids, and when they play fight he’s really rough and hurts him… it’s awful. He was shouting at me for protecting the kid swearing, calling me names, nothing new, I don’t even know why we have him around. No one likes him. Not at all.

When he decided that it was time for us to leave, we walked home and out of nowhere he decided to get playful and we had a snow ball fight all the way home. It was nice. Finally a bit of fun. We got in and ordered food. He cuddled me and appologised for his behaviour. Guess what, it didn’t last.

We got in to bed, he was going to sleep, but I decided to watch netflix on my tablet, headphones in. Which he kept kicking off about. Finally he went to sleep. Diagonally across the bed, dragging the quilts off me, farting, snoring and everything else he does when he’s wasted, so most of the time then. He got up in the middle of the night and pissed all over the bathroom, the bathroom where he had already splattered and spilled hair dye earlier in the day from colouring his hair whilst pissed. Of course he didn’t clean it up, and after spilling it on the floor he’s dragged it through the house. Although because he says it’s ‘HIS’ house it doesn’t matter.

I’m not working until later tonight, so had my usual lie in. Usually when I don’t have to get up early that’s when we ‘make love’ if you want to put it like a pussy… we haven’t done anything all week, and we still haven’t. Suppose that’s what porn hub is for… I made coffee, and he got up. He’s currently sat downstairs, watching some shit on tv, I went down to cuddle him earlier and got “fuck off”… I’m upstairs watching tv and not doing college work… FUN.

Greetings haters and bean lovers…

Had a rough-ish day… Stupid snow, blood test, driving lesson in the snow, and covering a closing shift in the snow and using god-damn public transport, yes in the mother fucking SNOW!!!!! The barista who phoned in sick, AGAIN has already been on maternity and sick leave for a year, she literally works 7-11pm on a Friday and THAT’S IT!!! She can’t even bloody do that!

Good news is, my driving lesson went well today, should be going in for my test soon. =) Be good, can escape for a while, when it all gets crazy. Also another two offers for Universities came in today, that’s three out of five now. =) The android tablet I ordered also came today, having said that it has two fairly annoying scratches on the screen, have sent a strongly worded e-mail.

As for work, well what a diabolical waste of my time!! Only served ten people all night, who the hell comes out in treacherous weather for a fucking coffee!! No-one obviously! Got home a 12am, house, freezing as usual (only have a shitty gas fire downstairs…) to a note on the back of the online shopping receipt commenting on the amount of food I eat, to the amount he eats from the items I have bought. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK… He went down the list and ACTUALLY CIRCLED the ones he will eat. 10 vs 40. What he fails to realise is that it’s not my fault that he eats NOTHING healthy… and I’m pretty damn sure that last week he went to the supermarket and spent £60 on meat to fill the freezer that I don’t eat. He also spends a good £25 a week, usually more on booze… bare in mind guys that he’s not working and I am, full time. As well as being at college.

Anyway, he came downstairs and said, “did you see your fucking note” … “If you’re trying to work out why you’re so fat, it’s because you spend 57 fucking quid on your fat fucking self…” The only unhealthy thing on that list was a bottle of coke and a bottle of orange juice for him… The rest is healthy, and ingredients to make healthy meals. I think what really annoys me the most is, when I’m actually trying to do the order and say to him “is there anything you want love?”, and he says “No.” WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!???? Stupid twat!

It’s not enough that £460 out of my £675 a month wages pay all the bills apart from the rent and council tax, while all his money goes on beer and himself… What a joke he is.

I’m sat writing this FREEZING cold. No heater on, to save money, as he has it on all day every day. Will have to go and get into bed with that bald headed twat now, up for work in a few hours, after I’ve boiled the kettle to get a wash, as we only have hot water when the immersion heater is on for 2 hours… Ohh he kicked off about that earlier. Guaranteed that I’ll get back from serving arseholes tomorrow, to an even bigger dick…

Speaking of which, I am so horny. He hasn’t even been bothered with that this week. Even after playing with him.



Hey guys. This is my first ever blog post. Been meaning to start one for a while. I just wanted to say a quick hello, I also want to warn you that my posts will be angry, heated, and full of swearing. Basically this is a place for me to vent my anger about work, college and mostly my boyfriend. I will make it as amusing as possible. I’m remaining anonymous, as I really don’t want to loose my job… I actually love it, but people make me so angry, it’s just un-real!! I hope you can relate to a lot of this stuff. I’m sure many of you will!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Stay with me! =)